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Fat Freezing – In the Spotlight!

Fat Freezing – In the Spotlight!

Fat Freezing! Its our most popular treatment but what is it, how does it work and what can you expect from it? Our 360 Cryolipolysis machine in action What is Fat Freezing Fat Freezing, which is sometimes referred to as the brand name CoolSculpting (also known by the...

Escaping Obesity – Week 3 –  Client Takeover

Escaping Obesity – Week 3 – Client Takeover

Obesity You hear the term 'obesity' all over the place these days. Obesity is measured by BMI (Body Mass Index), calculated using weight and height. I used to say to people that I looked bigger because I'm short! Being under 5 ft 2 ins, nobody could say that I am...

Stay Hydrated!

Water is a wonderful thing. Our body is made of, on average, 50-65% water. So it makes sense that we need to replenish water lost daily. Only 6% of British adults drink at least 2 litres of water everyday and stay hydrated! That is a staggering amount of British...

Spotlight on Shockwave

Spotlight on Shockwave

I post a lot about 3D Shockwave on my Facebook page. Here at Totally Transformed we use 3D Shockwave to reduce cellulite and for skin tightening. Cellulite Formulation of Cellulite Cellulite appears when fat deposits enlarge and push through the connective tissues of...

Healthy Living

Healthy Living

It isn't as hard as you think to live a healthy lifestyle! A healthy lifestyle is a lifestyle which improves and maintains your physical and mental well being. Eating right, getting exercise and generally taking care of your own well being. But for some reason, it's...

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Denise is so nice. Very helpful and knowledgeable. Half way through my treatment & lost 2 inches from my waist & 1 & half inches from my hips. I definately recommend Totally Transformed.

Judith Jewitt

I can guarantee Denise is the most professional, caring, business orientated therapist and consultant I have ever met! I don't have enough words to express my gratitude for the service provided and all the inches lost in such an easy way! The treatments definitely work! Also thanks for reserving the time slot for my appointments, week after week, in spite of your permanently increasing clientele! Due to my working hours, it would be impossible otherwise!

Maria Zubelzu de Brown

Denise is an absolute diamond, she made me feel at ease immediately at my consultation. I had the fat freezing and she was brilliant so much so I've booked in for another procedure. I highly recommend her she's lovely.

Kerry Gibson

Today I went for Derma planning and an amazing opera facial. I can’t believe how smooth my skin feels and the glow is unreal. I can’t recommend this enough and Denise was so gorgeous and professional. Thank you so much 

Lauren Knox

Had the fat freeze and cavitation treatment and lost 5 inches! Denise is so lovely and made me feel totally at ease. I would totally recommend the treatment and Denise.

Lynsay Kennedy

Thanks so much for the RF fat melting that I had done on my sides. Defo can see the difference. Can’t wait for my next session to see what I loose off them! 

Kirsty Nicholson Francis

Lost inches on my stomach in just a few weeks, Denise you are amazing, thank you 

Jayne Robson

Very professional and friendly service with a thorough consultation to find the best treatment for me, highly recommended


Very pleasant treatment. The lady was very helpful and knowledgeable. I will go again.


Very pleasant treatment. The lady was very helpful and knowledgeable. I will go again.


Great facilities and lovely Denise who carries out the very personal treatment too


Great clinic. Thoroughly recommend. Will now be a regular client.


On 21st September, I had 4 areas of 360 Cryolipolysis - just seeing results now, its amazing and its only been 4 weeks.


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