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Semi-Permanent Eyelashes

Hate putting on mascara in the morning? Semi-Permanent Eyelashes may just be the solution you are looking for. Rather than a strip of lashes being glued to your lash line, individual lashes are glued onto your own natural lashes. Our semi-permanent eyelashes are completely customisable and can be made to look as full and long or as natural as you want them.

With proper care, maintenance and regular infills, your lashes can look fabulous for as long as you want them to.

All clients are required to undergo a patch test at least 48 hours in advance of their lash application appointment. During this appointment, you will be given advice on the proper care and maintenance of your fabulous new lashes and will be given a spoolie brush to use every day to keep them in tip top condition.

Check out the maintenance tips below to ensure you care for them correctly



Lash Maintenance Tips
  1.  Book in for regular infills –  our eyelashes fall out naturally everyday and are refreshed with new ones. Keep your semi-permanent set looking their best by getting infills regularly to combat gaps.
  2. Keep your lashes clean – Our eyelashes are there to protect our eyes from dust and other particles in the air. Keeping your semi-permaenent set clean (as you would with your natural ones) prevent the build up of dust and particles in your semi-permanenet set. Send us a message if you would like information on lash cleaning products.
  3. Brush your eyelashes a few times daily – long eyelashes like long hair are prone to tangling. The more they tangle, the weaker the glue bond becomes. Prevent needless lashfalls by using your spoolie brush a few times a day to comb them back to fabulousness.